Best oven 2020: electric fan ovens for all budgets

Ovens so good, even the most ham-fisted chef can roast, bake and grill up a storm

Built-in electric fan ovens are the best ovens you can buy, in our cheffing opinion, and that is what we have collated here. Now, before you accuse us of gross discrimination against gas ovens, or standalone cookers, we should point out that all the ovens here have been selected after lengthy assimilation of both professional and user reviews and, as sad as it may seem, the trusty old gas oven just isn’t very popular anymore. 

Of John Lewis’s range of third-party ovens, just seven out of 285 built-in models are gas. This is hardly surprising since the best electric electric ovens are now more economical than ever, more controllable and fast (or the exact opposite, if you want to cook low and slow) and easier to clean. Electric ovens just have so many advantages and can be installed in literally any home. They even get discounted from time to time, so keep an eye on our Amazon Prime Day hub, just in case.

All of the models on this page are equipped with fans for faster, more even cooking efficiency and a grill section on top. You know: for grilling (or ‘broiling’, if you’re an American.)

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When it comes to buying a cooking system, there are two choices: a standalone all-in-one range cooker with a hob, oven and grill (and sometimes more). Or there’s option B, which is a separate built-in oven and built-in hob.

Range cookers simply slide in between your kitchen cabinets and are a good choice if you’re on a budget, have a country-style kitchen or don’t fancy calling in the services of a carpenter of kitchen fitter. 

Built-in systems, on the other hand, are a much more elegant solution since everything fits flush with the kitchen cabinets, leaving no unsightly gaps for crumbs, fatty bits and spilt liquids to fall between.

We’ve already covered built-in gas hobs – which are excellent – and induction hobs – which are excellent, but weird – so hop over for a look, once you’ve finished digesting this carefully curated list of fine food fabricators.

T3’s top tip when it comes to ovens? If you can’t be arsed with scrubbing fatty muck off the oven walls every few weeks, we’d recommend a model with fat-absorbing catalytic linings or, better still, a pyrolytic model that uses extreme temperature (500ºC or higher) to carbonise the crap out of everything, reducing stains to a fine, slightly sinister dust. When it’s finished cremating, you simply vacuum out the remnants. 


Even the best built-in ovens are a lot more difficult to install than range cookers. Firstly, you’ll need a big enough cavity in your kitchen cabinets, and one that’s within easy reach of a suitable power supply (most ovens are too powerful to simply plug into a nearby wall socket).

You’ll also need to have a platform constructed that’s strong enough to hold the weight of the oven, and with plenty of clearance to meet the manufacturer’s safety guidelines – in some instances you can purchase a ready-built casing for the particular model in mind. 

All of this requires expertise and a pair of strong arms so be prepared to fork out extra on a carpenter or specialised kitchen fitter. You might even need to have your electricity supply beefed up to meet the oven’s power requirements. 

Once in position, the oven should fit flush with the cabinets, but make sure that everything is level, works correctly and that the oven door can open fully before handing over the cash.


1. NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B

Best oven, especially for baking


Volume: 71 litresEnergy class: A+Self cleaning: Yes, pyrolyticElectricity loading: 3.45kW


+Superb performer +’Slide-away’ door


-Door is a bit rattlyToday’s Best Deals

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